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Why Cork

Why is there currently a huge boom at the international level about the importance of cork as an alternative to the development of several products, from fashion to furniture, through construction?

Why is NASA beginning to use cork coating protection on their space shuttles? Why is cork currently used in coatings and flooring for homes and even in the creation of washbasins ?!

Why is it offered to the President of the United States a tie made of a cork at one of his diplomatic missions and to the first-lady a bag in this rich raw material also?


The answer is simple: Cork is a material 100% natural, biodegradable, that is, completely environmentally friendly. The way we see the environment in the world is indeed moving to a better understanding of Nature, and in fact people need this changing due to the increasingly higher levels of pollution. Cork will be a key element in this shift . Due to its elastic, waterproof and fire resistant properties, cork stands as a material with immense potential of multipurpose use in various types of products.

Besides this huge range of features, cork has the advantage of being a material which creates a very wild and natural exuberance, capable of attributing unique aesthetic and elegant qualities to the products where it will be applied. That´s why the increase of cork design production by some of the best designers and architects worldwide.

To contribute to a cleaner, more sustainable world, look for green alternatives, and remember that cork is one.


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