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Cork flooring, a green choice for your home

Anyone who has built or remodeled the floors in their home will tell you that there is a wide range of options to choose from, ranging all the way from bamboo to hardwood to laminate to stone. There is something out there for every taste. While these flooring choices certainly each have their advantages, one flooring material that stands apart from the crowd is cork. Cork flooring has many properties that you simply won’t find in the more “traditional” flooring types, and is a material that you should definitely consider the next time you are in the market for new floor for you home or business.

cork flooring

A major advantage of a cork floor is it’s insulating properties. If you live in a cold climate or if noise reduction is a priority for you, then a cork floor is ideal. Cork keeps cold out, and it’s cushioning and insulating effect greatly reduces the noise form foot traffic and other sources. This makes cork the perfect choice in homes, apartments or any other situation where noise reduction is important. The fact that it insulates form the cold and keeps heat in can greatly reduce your heating costs, which will mean that a new cork floor can pay for itself in a very short period of time. It also feels wonderful to walk on a floor that doesn’t feel icy cold on your feet.

A cork floor is also very easy to install, as it is a “floating floor” that doesn’t require an adhesives to hold it in place. It is installed using a tongue and groove system, and it’s so simple to install that you can most likely do it yourself very quickly and easily. If you move, you won’t have to leave your beautiful cork flooring behind, as you can simply remove it and install it in your new home. Cork flooring is also recyclable, which makes it a very environmentally friendly choice for your home or business.

When you invest in a new floor, you want to choose one that will continue to look good year after year, and this is one area where a cork floor really shines. With a durability that is equal to, and often surpasses, the toughest and best of hardwoods, it will be able to stand up to the heaviest of traffic and still retain it’s natural beauty and charm.

If you have allergies to mold or dust, then a cork floor could be just what you have been looking for. A cork floor doesn’t retain dirt, dust or moisture and is very resistant to the growth of bacteria and mold. It’s also very easy to keep clean, and if your house is home to children, this, combined with cork’s durability, is something you’ll appreciate.

cork flooring

Ecological cork flooring

If you are concerned about the environment, then a cork floor is a choice that you can feel good about. Hardwood and engineered hardwood floors are made from trees, and every year, huge areas of forests are destroyed to provide materials for the flooring industry. With cork, this is not an issue. Cork is produced in a manner that uses sustainable methods that have very little ecological impact, and, in fact, are actually beneficial to the environment. The production of cork requires large stands of mature cork trees from which the outer bark (cork) is harvested every few years. The trees are then left to grow until the next harvest. The large stands of trees provides homes for many animals, including the nearly extinct iberian lynx. The cultivation, care and harvesting of the cork also provides employment for the people in the area, and they take great pride in producing the best cork in the world.

When it comes to appearance, color and design, a cork floor provides lots of options that you just won’t find with any other flooring type. While cork has a natural beauty that’s all it’s own, it also comes in a wide range of other styles and colors. No matter what you are looking for, there is sure to be one that’s just right for you!

If you like the look of a hardwood floor, there are floors made form cork that will definitely suit your style. These floors come in a variety of colors, ranging from the deep reddish brown of the best mahogany to the pure black of ebony, the light blonde of birch and the rich brown of oak as well as every other type and color of wood you can imagine. The flooring sections are created using realistic surface technology which gives them the appearance of the grain that you find in natural hardwood without repeating the pattern. If you like the look of tropical hardwoods but don’t like the environmental damage their harvest causes, then a cork floor is the perfect alternative. You’ll be able to get the look you want and feel good about about it too.

Those of you who find the elegant look of a stone or ceramic floor to be more to your taste will be very pleasantly surprised by the wide selection cork alternatives that look just like stone or ceramic. Produced using realistic surface technology, the floor tiles combine all the benefits of cork with the texture and appearance of “the real thing”. The insulating properties of the cork will reduce noise, retain heat, and it’s durability will mean that it can stand up to large amounts of wear and tear. Available in a variety of colors that perfectly mimic natural stone, each tile will have it’s own nuances of shading, texture and grain just like you would find in actual stone. The floor will be very resistant to marking and scratches, and with a wear rating of 42 they can stand up to heavy traffic and are perfect for both residential or commercial areas.

cork flooring

If you are in the market for a vinyl or wood floor, then there are also choices available that layer these materials with cork so that you have a final product that combines all the best features of both materials. The floors will have the look you want, and the cork layer will provide insulation and cushioning. Since these are “floating floors”, that don’t use adhesive, they are incredibly simple to install and, if you move, you can simply lift them up and take them with you. You can’t say that about most other flooring options.

A cork floor gives you the look you want with many features that you just don’t find in other flooring materials. It’s a choice that’s economical, beautiful and kind to the environment. Cork’s durability and strength will last year after year, making your new floor an investment you can be proud of.


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