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Object Production



Do you have a great idea for a product made wit cork and want to produce it? We are here to help you.

We are specialized in the development,  production and prototyping of custom made products, meeting the specific needs of each client.
Our method is simple. If you have your project already designed, you just have to send us your project planning, 3D images or any sketch you have to help us visualize your idea. After that we will analyze all the information and get back to you with a quote for prototyping and to make a production of a certain quantity of unities. Usually we need between 5 and 10 working days to get back to you with a quote. After you approve it we can proceed with the production.
If you prefer we can also execute the design planning with images and 3D according to your ideas. You just have to describe what you have in mind and then we will create it. Product development is our expertise.
Along with cork, and because most of the orders we have been receiving need the production of certain materials like steel, aluminum, glass, ceramic, and many others, we have been specialising our services also in the production of these components by creating strategic partnerships with the related industry..
We can also produce packaging solutions and treat all the details concerning the logistics from our facilities to the final destination.
Before proceed please have a look in our Terms & Conditions page.
Please fill the form bellow and we will contact you with all the info. We can send you a quote without any compromise.
Thanks for your time.


we Ship all aroun Europe - Corkway
* Eligible for Germany, France, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain and many more.

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