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Corkway´s Social Responsibility

There is social responsibility inside the cork world. The concept of “social responsibility” is very important nowadays and should be a concept to be kept in mind by all the companies in the world.

The society we live in, and more specifically the model of society in which we operate, and by that we mean the model of capitalism of consumption, has many qualities but also has several defects.The greatest defect of this type of society is certainly the great social imbalance which exists in the world.


While part of society in general is accustomed to rampant consumerism without noticing its excess, the rest of society is facing problems of precariousness and there is a lack of consumption at all levels, where of course the most severe are thirst and hunger. On the other hand over-consumption can also lead to severe ecological problems. This is because over-consumption leads to the production of new manufactured products, that are often made of harmful materials to the environment of the planet.

CorkWay´s social responsibility

CorkWay believes that these serious defects can be resolved if there is an awareness of social responsibility by all the companies worldwide.

A company is an institution where the services and the goods provided are the origin, in general, of all the world consumption. In these institutions capital is created and wages are distributed to the workers, which in turn are encouraged to use their savings in all sort of consumptions. This way, companies in general, not just the big players, should feel the obligation to contribute to the reducing of the imbalance mentioned above.

However small donation to charities, social institutions or social development may be, it is always an help to take in count. If this help is propagated at a general level it will undoubtedly have a proportional impact to its initial startup.

CorkWay has this concept in mind in its business model and because of this it decided to create the GoGreen campaign. In this campaign the CorkWay is committed to plant one tree for every product sold, partnershiping with institutions for environmental development such as Quercus.

Because of this CorkWay enhance the planting of oak trees. These trees are responsible for the production of natural cork. This ecological model of business action sets up a social responsibility between the consumer and the nature in which we live.

CorkWay encourages all companies to develop business models that will allow them to help develop a healthier society of consumption, where the money will be used in a balanced way to build an economically sustainable society. We must act locally to benefit globally.


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