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Cork production, an ecological infographic

Eco-friendly cork. We think this infographic created by Recork tells a lot about the ecological benefits of cork over other closures like aluminum or plastic screwcaps. the difference between them are obvious.

While Aluminium Screwcaps waste a total of 37 grams of carbon dioxide per 1 000 closures and plastic wastes 16 grams of carbon dioxide per 1 000 closures, the production of cork only produces 5 ( ! ) grams of carbon dioxide per 1 000 closures. Well the greenhouse gas emissions are really low in the production of cork. Did you know that?

Not to mention other factors like Total production solid waste and water consumption.

Ecological cork

Of all the three cork is the most ecological solution we have. So, the question is: why does still exist a producers that prefer the screwcaps instead of cork caps. Please show them this infographic, we think they don´t know yet what they are doing.


eco-friendly cork
eco-friendly cork


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