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Cork design, a new way for Product Design

If all you know about cork is that is used for wine stoppers, then read on. Cork design is the new ‘it’ thing in design today and is slowing becoming a fashionable part of everyone’s life.
Portugal is the largest exporters of cork, and with Portuguese cork providing the best quality cork to manufacturers around the world, it’s no surprise why it’s the birthplace of this fantastic trend.


cork design
cork design

This impermeable, buoyant, durable and fire resistant material has taken the world by storm. Transformed into eye catching designs, it’s really hard to believe the material you’re looking at is actually, just cork! There are innumerable ways to use cork, including as a wine stopper. Cork pinboards, door stoppers and baseballs are some of the more common uses of cork. But designers today are taking the use of cork products to a new level with more unconventional uses of this sturdy material.

Below are a few examples of how cork design can add beauty and style to your life. Oh and did we mention – it’s 100% eco-friendly!

Cork fashion

An extremely versatile material, cork makes for very chic cork bags, umbrellas and even aprons! And there are rugged wallets and shoulder bags for men as well. They’re great alternatives to cane or jute bags and unlike these other materials, they have a much higher quality of finishing. They are excellent gifts for the environmentally friendly and the muted colors make them a good option for branding as well. For your next corporate event, why not have a cork goody bag! Your company logo can be prominently displayed against a neutral background and you can fill it with similarly branded cork items. Not only will it help the environment and reduce your company’s carbon footprint, it’s sure to pique the interest of all your clients.

Cork tableware

The elegant designs available in cork are truly both eye catching as well as functional. The variety ranges from salt and pepper shakers to whiskey sets. The fire resistant qualities of cork will make it safe to use cork bowls and trays in the kitchen as well. Subtle metal and glass additions to bar accessories will make your guests go green with envy. And, like all other cork products, they’re excellent gift ideas.

Cork Furniture

Cork lends itself to design that is very modern , which makes it a very welcome addition to a modernistic themed home. A Cork pouf in the corner, a rounded cork coffee table, these are all elements that will add interesting touches in and around your home. The instant bowl shelves are an interesting idea and definitely something you could look at if you want something quirky yet totally at home in an elegant setting.

Cork lighting

Cork orb table lamps and hanging lamps are pretty additions to your work space. Avaialble in a variety of sizes, they can even be used in your home to add subtle lighting wherever required. Apart from being pleasing to the eye, they are gentle reminders of the need to be eco friendly, in all circumstances!


Voodoo doll memo board, cork drums and bird houses are a few of the fun items that are available in cork. Not only are they durable, they, will also provide the kids with endless hours of fun. The child in you will definitely enjoy them as well! There is even a cork ipad case and with its great features like impermeability and fire resistance, you really could not have anything better to protect your ipad.

Take a look around the site to see all the great cork items available. You can use them in and around your home and your office . Cork items, as mentioned before, make excellent gifts for friends and family. The designs are modern, unique and unlike anything you have seen or experienced before. Go on then. Try Corkway.

For those who do not know it, cork comes from the cork oak, a tree native of the Mediterranean region and its culture extends to countries such as Portugal, Spain, France, Morocco, Italy, Algeria and Tunisia. However it should be noted that Portugal alone draws more than 50% of the world production of cork.

The extraction method is 100% safe for the tree, which is not cut, and its surface doesn’t suffer any type of damage. The oaktrees can last hundreds of years! The extraction is performed every 9 years, the time required for regeneration of the superficial layers of the tree.


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