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CorkWay is an online store based in Portugal. Ever since the Portuguese region is a world leader in the extraction and production of cork, from there the privileged position of our store. As a leading producer of cork Portugal exports to the world over 800 million Euros per year in products of this industry, becoming easily the worldwide market leader in this area. We can therefore say that all our products have all the excellence and quality itself of an industry leader in this sector.

The brand CorkWay is positioned so as a mark of distributing all kinds of products made from cork created both nationally and internationally. In our catalog you will find all sorts of products from tableware and kitchenware to toys and wine accessories.

Besides having an extensive catalog of cork products, our website is an important site for gathering all kinds of information about cork. On our articles section you can find all the market news about cork. We passed all sorts of information from the whole process of development, which begins in the cork oak tree, to the design and development of various products. The Press menu will include all sorts of information on press releases and statistics reports.

Our site is also assumed as a key player in advocating the creation of environmentally sustainable products. Cork is a 100% natural and recyclable that currently replaces virtually all types of materials that are harmful to our environment such as plastic. This website represents an informative and educational local for creating a better world.

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CORK + CERAMIC tableware colection - CorkWay

This is the beautiful Alma Gémea tableware colection!

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for kids - CorkWay

Cork is the safest material for your kids to play with!

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