Cork like you´ve never seen / an eco-friendly shift for product design
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Ebook / Cork like You’ve never seen

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The most complete book about designing  eco-friendly and sustainable objects made with cork!

This book compiles the best creations made by some of the best Designers and Architects in the world and explain their point of view and all the challenges to design with this amazing natural raw material. It includes works by Nendo, Jasper Morrison, James Irvine, Vhils, Benjamin Hubert, Siza Vieira, Souto Moura, and many others!

If you are a Designer Student, a Professional or someone interested in Home Decor this is the ideal book for you to learn more about this eco-friendly and amazing raw material. If you are an environmentalist you will find a lot of useful information about a sustainable raw material provided by Nature.

If you are planning to produce any object made with cork this is the perfect book to get inspired. You will get a lot of useful information about how cork is produced. You will read the Designer’s testimonials about how they felt producing with cork. You will find the best collection of products made with this amazing raw material and find the best materials that can complement with it. You will also read about how cork is planted and harvested.


eco-friendly and sustainable cork design production ebook


Language: English

Number of Pages: 103

Format: Epub and Pdf

Author: Tiago Cartageno

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About the author:

Tiago Cartageno is the Co-Founder of CorkWay. With over 15 years of experience in the fields of Design and 7 years as the CEO of CorkWay Tiago gained an huge amount of experience about how cork is produced and transformed to make beautiful and eco-friendly products, that can make the difference in the world we live in. With all these years curating the best Designers working with cork to be part of the CorkWay project, Tiago accumulated a lot of interesting information about the challenges of producing objects made with cork. Because there was no other book in the market talking about this subject, Tiago felt it was important to publish this important knowledge. Cork is a very important part of the Portuguese culture. Portugal alone is responsible for more than half of all the cork production in the world. Because Tiago is from Portugal he could easily moved inside the cork industry and to have access to this important information revealed in this book. Indeed a wonderful work.


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Oak tree - CorkWay

Meet the cork oak tree

Cork is 100% Natural, Eco-Friendly, Biodegradable, Waterproof, and its extraction doesn't harm the cork oak tree.
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