Pencil holder made in cork for your kids. CORKWAY
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1 Furo Pencil Holder
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1 Furo Pencil Holder

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Design: Fernando Brízio for Materia

Materials: Agglomerated cork, colour pencils

Dimensions: 25.5 x 25.5 x 28.6 cm

Weight: 3.5kg


Furo pencil holder has a double personality: it can be a bowl designed for the living room, or, if turned upside down, an original drawing device container. In fact, its cork body stands on top of 4 red or 36 different colours sharp pencils that serve as legs. In the second option it becomes a set of drawing pencils intended to createsymmetrical lines. It can be quickly dismantled revealing almost no traces of its former use and it’s an useful, colourful and decorative piece in many ways.

Cork is a wide range application material, adapting itself to the environment without any problems, and it is a material of immense value, in vogue due to its ecological capabilities and environmental friendliness.

Caring for Cork: Clean with a damp cloth and a mild cleaning product, when necessary. Do not machine wash. Not suitable for microwave use – keep from prolonged exposure to direct sun light to prevent discolouring. When in contact with water, cork will temporary darken; allow to dry thoroughly before putting your cork object away. Avoid contact with soapy or greasy water as that can stain the material. Cork is a natural raw material; its appearance, namely color, may alter with time, without loss to its intrinsic properties.

Note: Inside the gallery there are some scenario photos where you can find some other cork products that are not included in this item, which only includes the items described above. We advise you to read carefully the description.

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Oak tree - CorkWay

Meet the cork oak tree

Cork is 100% Natural, Eco-Friendly, Biodegradable, Waterproof, and its extraction doesn't harm the cork oak tree.
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